Heaven’s Home

Heaven is somewhere out there and it is better than this life.Perhaps we’ll finally get to it when we die, reach a certain age, make a certain amount of money or relocate to a certain place. We will eventually reach it. Until then,until a certain anything saves us, our heaven will reside in a wish.



Heaven lives in the unknown,the unrecognisable,and supposedly nothing. It dwells in the fast paced moments that last forever in our hearts.It resides in the laughs we didn’t practice and in the smiles that we didn’t even know were there.

Photography by: BusiDh

When everything is moving,it subtly creates stillness.Some of its greatest impacts happen through the smallest of actions.Some of its loudest expressions happen through the softest of voices.

Photography by: BusiDh

It lies in the unrehearsed,the unpracticed and unplanned.It positions itself in the unseen hello that is born from a sad goodbye.It’s in the found that was not being looked for,in the give that was never requested.It’s resilience lies in the days you wished away,and in the ones you hoped would never come. Listen to it breathe gently through the poetic use of words.

Photography by: BusiDh

The answer to questions that were never asked;the lesson that was was never studied. It’s messages travel from as far as faces you’ve never seen.

Photography by: BusiDh

It prepares a bed for you in the arms of the ones you love.


The unexpected.

The unseen.

The silence.

Photography by: BusiDh

Heaven is here.


Shining through life’s little details.

Photography by: BusiDh


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