Art Affair

The Turbine Art Fair is an annual South African art exhibition that takes place at the Turbine Hall in Newtown, Johannesburg. When I attended it for the first time last year, I was rather underwhelmed by the showcases. This year’s exhibition was on from 16-19 July, and with my expectations at a minimum, I decided to check it out once again; to my pleasant surprise I was blown away.

Walking through the art exhibition is an emotional trip. One minute you’re engaging with pieces that mentally transport you to places with sunshine, rainbows and ponies; the next minute you are taken to places of gloom. Over and above the emotional impact of it all, it’s quite amazing to see the various mediums used to produce the art; the creativity is incredible.

Below are some of the items that stood out for me this year:

Remembrance by Benon Lutaaya

2015, Acrylic on canvas


“The 99 Series” Part Seven,by Aida Muluneh

2014,Photographic print

Origins of life by Lindelani Ngwenya

Coated copper wire

Conversation with frog by Lindelani Ngwenya

Coated copper wire


Orphan of Marikana by Lindelani Ngwenya

Coated copper wire


Sharing is caring by Sheperd Ndudzo



Solid Individually by Jane Eppel

Shards 1-40

Blue Boy by Nelson Makomo

Oil on canvas

Nguni – Blom by Neo Matloga

Mixed media

Echo says believe by Vivien Kohler

2014, Found metal objects, grout and oil on board

MILK TIT$$$ by Callan Grecia

2014, oil on canvas

Ahead by Modisa Motsomi

Ceramic, wood and thread


False Security by Modisa Motsomi

Ceramic and Wood

By Condrad Bo

Acrylic enamel on canvas

Cut Both Ways by Audrey Anderson

Ink on shwe shwe

Steve Jobs by Ark (Rhys Jenkins and Keiran Kruger)

Chipboard, screws and acrylic paint

Yes, this portrait is made out of SCREWS!!

By Asanda Kupa

Oil on canvas

According to Asanda, this piece is a depiction of crowds.

Conflict by Chemu Ng’ok

2014, Oil on canvas

Enchanted Path III by Dario Manjate


This is a portrait made up of magazine cut-outs.

Brooding by Kelly John Gough

Oil on wood

Opportunist by Pat Sithole

A hard -hitting installation that highlights the apathetic attitude towards rape cases.The centre piece is surrounded by condoms.

All Photography By: BusiDh

I would love to get your thoughts, feelings and interpretations on these pieces 🙂

Contact BusiDh


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