Eyebags and Dimples: A Review

Eyebags and Dimples by Bonnie Mbuli, a well renowned South African entertainer, took me by surprise upon its release in 2012. I knew of Bonnie the actress, model and presenter; I was not familiar with Bonnie the writer. It was this unfamiliarity that sparked my interest in the autobiography. I finally entertained this curiosity after a good friend of mine recently passed his copy of the book down to me.  

Bonnie’s delivery is poetic; I found myself mesmerised by her use of words, giving her story my undivided attention. I did not expect her style of writing to be so enchanting; in fact, I had already prepared myself to only be intrigued by the contents of her story.

Although Eyebags and Dimples is an account of Bonnie’s life as a whole, the actress/presenter/model seems to draw a particular focus on her childhood throughout the book. She relates the various chapters of her life to her growing pains, and in doing so, provides a rather unique and holistic perspective of her journey. She pulls no punches in the revelation of her family life, clinical depression, relationships, marriage, career and overall persona.  The tales of her trials and tribulations are delivered with an acceptance that seamlessly invites one into her enlightenment.

This autobiography dims the light on Bonnie’s celebrity status, to reveal a humble warrior. Whilst I did not relate to most of her recollections personally, I could certainly understand and appreciate them – therein lay my empathy.

I’m not a fan of autobiographies and biographies, but Eyebags and Dimples was a blissful read in which Bonnie’s emotional intelligence is beautifully displayed.  The book was evidently written from a place of love, and most importantly, forgiveness. Her story is dynamic, and with all of its good and bad, Bonnie unapologetically owns it.


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