Introducing a Beautiful Mess

Hi everyone 🙂

The last time I published a post on this platform,I announced my indefinite leave from blogging (See post here).

Today, I am happy and proud to reveal my offical web page,Beautiful Mess, the project behind my silence. Creating a website,no matter how small,is quite a mission. I made a decision to drop everything else for a little while and focus on making this little dream of mine happen.

About Beautiful Mess

Beautiful Mess is a journey of expression that I have carried in my heart for a long time.  I finally plucked up the courage AND discipline to bring it to life.

My purpose is to tell stories and capture moments; inspiring others would be an added bonus.  The concept of a mysterious universe that all of humanity attempts to figure out daily makes for some pretty awesome tales,not to mention, a fascinating life in general. Through Beautiful Mess, I celebrate all of this wonder.

My voice roars through words and photographs. I am passionate about all things artistic, creative, cultural and empowering; these are the elements that make up the content featured on my site.  Every feature, review, poem, opinion and visual on Beautiful Mess is born from the wandering spirit of a woman that came, saw, experienced, felt, created and told.

Visit Beautiful Mess 





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