Decolouring Youth Day

Youth Day is approaching.

South Africa is buzzing with activity as individuals and organisations prepare to launch the youth focused content and events they have planned for months.

As a content producer, I want to be a part of this national story. My voice wants to be heard along with everybody else that is making an effort to produce something special for Youth Day. I too want to be a part of this narrative and celebrate.

This desire settles comfortably in my mind, and I begin to draft my ideas and compile items related to the theme at hand.While working on my celebratory piece, I come across a tweet that shakes my perspective. It is an advert promoting one
of the many events taking place in commemoration of Youth Month/Day. The advert, in true inspirational and celebratory style, features two young people of different races looking jolly.

The person that shared this post expresses her disappointment, bringing my attention to the adverts’ utterly poor representation
of June 16. My idea to create an entertaining feature is now under threat by the reality that has just struck me.

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*Image externally sourced*

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