Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie was my first experience of the much talked about novelist’s writing.  Continue reading


Eyebags and Dimples: A Review

Eyebags and Dimples by Bonnie Mbuli, a well renowned South African entertainer, took me by surprise upon its release in 2012. I knew of Bonnie the actress, model and presenter; I was not familiar with Bonnie the writer. It was this unfamiliarity that sparked my interest in the autobiography. I finally entertained this curiosity after a good friend of mine recently passed his copy of the book down to me.   Continue reading

For Black Girls Only: It was a feeling

The wholesome acceptance and celebration of black women remains an imagined concept. This past weekend, the For Black Girls Only event made this concept tangible. For just a couple of hours, black women from different walks of life touched this dream.

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The Fault in Our Stars- A review

I’m not one to read a book during the period in which it is most popular to the masses. Although the hype and FOMO may spark my curiosity, both are never strong enough to turn into action. If I find myself still curious about the published work after the hype has died, it is only then that I will probably buy it; most times the opposite occurs and I forget the publication exists.  Continue reading