Mama, I hiked!

The last time I went hiking was when I was still in high school; my youth weeps at how many eons ago that was. It was one of the activities we were forced to do on a school camping trip. I wasn’t particularly excited about it then because we had to wake up ridiculously early, I was not a physically active teen, and it was unbelievably cold that day.

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I removed my chemically processed hair this year in March, up until very recently, my natural hair felt and looked great. It was only in the latter part of May that it began feeling and looking otherwise and I’ve been wondering why, and what new methods I should start applying to combat the problem. It finally dawned on me that it is officially winter and THAT’S why my hair is so “unhappy.”

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A Tribute

I’ve been to Umtata twice this year, which is quite the world record. The first time was in January to visit my grandmother, and the second time was in May to see her off to heaven. I say that more literally than figuratively because I genuinely believe there is nowhere else Makhulu could have possibly gone to, and if there has never been a heaven before, one must have been created when this particular soul left the world that we know.

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