Have you ever wrapped yourself in blankets knitted with bullets,

resting your head on pillows stuffed with uncertainty,

while trying to catch sweet dreams on a bed of thorns?

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The Fault in Our Stars- A review

I’m not one to read a book during the period in which it is most popular to the masses. Although the hype and FOMO may spark my curiosity, both are never strong enough to turn into action. If I find myself still curious about the published work after the hype has died, it is only then that I will probably buy it; most times the opposite occurs and I forget the publication exists.  Continue reading

A Tribute

I’ve been to Umtata twice this year, which is quite the world record. The first time was in January to visit my grandmother, and the second time was in May to see her off to heaven. I say that more literally than figuratively because I genuinely believe there is nowhere else Makhulu could have possibly gone to, and if there has never been a heaven before, one must have been created when this particular soul left the world that we know.

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