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Mpho’s discomfort with the black child’s place in the hierarchy of society, together with her growing despondency towards the capitalist system, motivated her to start NCZA Hub; it is an independent business that focuses on multimedia, cultural exchange, art and technology for the youth and women in Africa. “I became conscious of the fact that a black child always has to start from scratch and that there are more black people looking for work than creating it. I was tired of hearing about unemployment rates in South Africa and not being able to control my time. Most importantly, I became less afraid to die or take risks,” she explains.

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Selfies of Society

The popularity of the selfie has undoubtedly reached monumental heights, affording individuals with the unique opportunity to freely express and represent themselves. It has become such a prominent part of our daily lives that the word itself has now been added to the Oxford Dictionary. The invention of the selfie stick, and the fact that it too has gained popularity, is evidence of the selfie’s powerful impact on the public. While the rest of the world continues to explore this expression of the self in the name of light hearted fun, Ramothibe M.Pooe is using the concept to confront society’s pressing issues; this is his personal contribution towards making the world a better place.

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Art Affair

The Turbine Art Fair is an annual South African art exhibition that takes place at the Turbine Hall in Newtown, Johannesburg. When I attended it for the first time last year, I was rather underwhelmed by the showcases. This year’s exhibition was on from 16-19 July, and with my expectations at a minimum, I decided to check it out once again; to my pleasant surprise I was blown away.

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