Mpho’s discomfort with the black child’s place in the hierarchy of society, together with her growing despondency towards the capitalist system, motivated her to start NCZA Hub; it is an independent business that focuses on multimedia, cultural exchange, art and technology for the youth and women in Africa. “I became conscious of the fact that a black child always has to start from scratch and that there are more black people looking for work than creating it. I was tired of hearing about unemployment rates in South Africa and not being able to control my time. Most importantly, I became less afraid to die or take risks,” she explains.

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I have collected some of life’s most valuable treasures from the sacred palace of womanhood.

I have found the sisters that my mother could not birth.

I have seen the courageous rise of queens; they are likened to beauty, but it’s really beauty that tries to be like them.

It is here that my sanity has been saved manier times,and my strength constantly re-discovered.

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